Game on mobile video game theater

Set in an alternate history shortly after the end of World War I, a strange radio communication known as “the Broadcast” is sent across the world and caused many people who listened to it to die. Two war veterans, Frank Woodruff and Vladimir Farnsworth, survive game on mobile video game theater attack and gain super-intelligence and a knowledge of advanced technology. The player controls their selected character in a “mobile trench”, defending their base against the television-based “Monovision” creatures.

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Theatre games

Original art activities that help elementary school students express their own creativity while developing visual learning skills, abstract idea expression, decision making, mathematical and scientific intuition, cultural awareness, and problem solving. These cool activities include building blocks, mirror and balance activities, animation, doodles and more! Toy Theater is theatre games by teachers around the world. Free to create, priceless for learning.

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