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Sign in to save your progress! 1UP’computer game party Essential 100 You vote, we wrote! The most important games of all time, according to you. Cover Story: It Came From Outer Space!

This week, 1UP explores the cosmos. Cover Story: Games Go to Hollywood This week, 1UP embraces the bright lights of Tinseltown. The Misdirection of Portal Everyone knows Portal is funny, but we examine just why that is. No recent updates for this section. A look into the underpinnings of an unlikely sequel reveals the value of Luigi’s spin-offs.

Mercurysteam performs necromancy on a dying classic, and the results aren’t pretty or fun. PC trilogy from Bioware called Mass Effect. A Club for Fans of the Pokemon Games. Place to discuss movesets and different strategies. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a Metal Gear title focused on the adventures of Raiden. With the announcement of Wind Waker HD, I realized a funny thing: two of my most anticipated games are remakes. A Great RPG or the Greatest RPG?

Who Do You Want To Be The 5th Character in Ultra Street Fighter 4? What exactly does someone “do” with a Hugging Pillow? THE 100 MOST VIOLENT MOVIES EVER MADE! You guys, cops are fucked up. Every week, a ragtag group of 1UP personnel sit down and talk about whatever the heck is on their mind. Retronauts is 1UP’s self-described “podcast for old people,” an hour-long weekly journey into gaming’s storied past. 1UP editors dive into the nerdiest of genres with news, discussions, interviews, and more.