Mobile brain games

This is a list of the more significant applets I’ve written since Istarted hacking Java in February 1996. I felt the need to group them intothree basic categories depending on how they came about. There are thosewritten just for fun, there are custom-mobile brain games ones and, finally, thosethat have not yet been finished. The further down in each category, thenewer the applet.

I made this after less than a week’s experience of Java, butit still doesn’t look entirely amateurish. Rubik Unbound – Rubik’s Cube in full3D. A Light Snack – the fly-eatingfrog decoration on my main page. This was a testof threads and animation. Iceblox – my first “real”computer game in Java. I stole most of the ideas from a popular early eightiesarcade game called “Pengo”. Blue Notes – a Javamelody editor.

It’s nowhere near as powerful as today’s average commercialsoftware, but I hadn’t seen anyone else doing this with Java before, soI decided to give it a try. Warp – an action game that wouldhave been typical of the late eighties. You don’t need intelligence toplay this, and it won’t help. Fans of Iceblox willprobably dig this one too. 3D-Blox – a sequel to Iceblox. Totally 3D, but with a slightly different gameplay. Help the penguin collect the golden coins and unlock the door tothe next level.

Key-activated crystal blocks will give you access toplaces you otherwise couldn’t reach. Rainbow Notes – a polyphonicmelody editor. Create melodies and custom sound shapesand include the results in your own applets at minimal storage cost andrelatively short download time. Cross Section – a platformgame with a twist. Some people may recognize this as inspired by thesemi-classic Nebulus from 1987.

5 – an improvedversion of my game Warp. This game has the look and feel I originally wantedto create. If the graphics on level 1 don’t make you drool,those on level 2 will. Urbanoids – a 4-way scrollingarcade adventure and part strategy game. Now it includes an extra versionfor some Windows browsers with defective graphics routines that used tomess up the background.

15 Puzzle – everybody has written one,so why shouldn’t I? Though not exactly a technological breakthrough, thisauto-solving version is pretty good for something that’s been done to death. PalmOS Iceblox – not exactly an applet, buta “spotlet” that runs on the KVM available for PalmOS handheld devices. Kind of geeky when you think about it. MIDP-Man – again, not exactly an applet. Like PalmOS Iceblox it comes with a web versionyou can play in your browser. Also included are a few good reasons to avoiddeveloping MIDP applications for now.

5 – anotherspotlet for the PalmOS KVM. This time it is my “classic” Warp that comes tolife in a slightly downsized incarnation. Like PalmOS Iceblox it includes aweb-based demo applet. Cluster – a 3D tic-tac-toe applet withslightly different rules, to make it more interesting.