Video game bday party

Are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift really leaving their feud in 2017? While only the Hey Hey Hey songstress has discussed their rivalry, which all started over backup dancers BTW, in the past few months, it seems the two former besties are ready to move on! Video: Katy Drops The Hey Hey Hey Music Video! Taylor has been spotted on the set of her new music video End Game with Future in Miami this week, and fans believe they’ve spotted Video game bday party right there with her!

Video footage shows a woman filming with the blonde beauty that looks a whole lot like the pixie cut-rocking starlet! A source even revealed to E! News that both ladies were in Miami at the same time AND that the 33-year-old filmed a cameo for the video! Could it just be a coincidence that a woman who looks like Katy would star as a backup dancer?

Considering it references how their feud started, we’re leaning towards no. I’m writing you from Miami, prepping my last Witness: The Tour show of 2017. Additionally, there’s been no Ed Sheeran sightings for the video, and he’s the one featured on the song! Could Katy even be filling in for him? Guess time will tell when Tay finally drops the End Game video!

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