Starting again…

This is to begin. Again.

I’ve been posting at for a while, but due to the design of the site, I’m not able to post while away from my office – as I’ve been out on the road so much for the past three months, I thought I’d change over to wordpress, so I can write a little more regularly, particularly from my iPhone…

We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully a bit more consistently. For now, this is the start.

Anyone who’s seen my site will have an idea what this’ll cover – for anyone else, here’s the likely shape: I’m based in Sheffield, and shoot mainly people (plus some buildings) – I love education, and talk a bit about my kit (Nikon, Apple, various other goodies that I like).

DRC2009_RJH_0025 web

Pic: Congo, February 2009 for Tearfund

I’ll post a bit about how some of my work and pictures have been made, and if something else done by somebody else inspires me, I’ll link to it here, partly as a way for me to remember to keep looking at their stuff, but hopefully for someone else to see too.

I love what I do, and am always open to a conversation about photography (or almost anything else) if you want to chip in.


Pic: Nicaragua, 2000 for Tearfund

Its about to be Monday, and a pretty full-on week, so I’ll stop.

Hopefully more to follow.