ePHOTOzine :: positive comments!

I’ve just found out that there’s a discussion on ‘what is photography?’ on the ePHOTOzine website, which refers to my work:

It seems to me that most of us photograph humans as either friends in snap shot, recording memories kind of way, or as models in controlled situations such as studio sets or outdoor posed (of which plenty are uploaded).

From a creative point of view newspaper pics are often, due to circumstances, no more than snap shots so the artistic merit is reduced. From a paparazzi point of view the fact that it may have taken three days of hounding the star, or the person caught on film is rarely seen in daylight, or the crowd was so big the only way to get the shot was super human means, makes no difference to the creative view at the end. Creative can come in many forms from technical ability to artistic skill.

I was looking last night at a Sheffield Press photographer’s site at the kind of photography that I believe shows newspaper photography to an artistic level. His site: Hanson Photo features some wonderful people shots. I wish I had the ability to do this.

The post was by Pete Bargh – thanks for the positve feedback. It has doubled the number of visitors to my site today, so that’s great! The discussion board is here. Not sure about where the rest of the conversation there is going, but interesting to see how a mention on a popular site can make a big difference to site traffic…

Related to that – I only know this because I’ve loaded the totally addictive Google Analytics tool onto my site, and it’s kept breaking into my day as I run over to check how many people are looking, and where they come from – fantastic levels of detail and great fun! And I can look at how they end up on my site, hence this story – referenced on Twitter (presumably the ePHOTOzine twitter feed) and their website.