page hall :: inside out – exhibition on the way

One of the things I’ve been doing for the last few months (since May) is working in an area of Sheffield called Page Hall. Its a tight collection of around ten streets opposite the Northern General Hospital around Fir Vale, and the people living there are passionate about the area, despite some recent difficulties.

Next Thursday (22 Otober) at 1230, the exhibition of this work will be officially opened at the Pakistan Advice Centre, opposite Fir Vale school. You’re very welcome to come along and have a look around – the images will be up for a few weeks – I’ll post more about it in the next few days.  I’ve photographed people in their homes, and interviewed them about their lives, then photographed the places they’ve talked about.

I’m still pulling the whole thing together, but it’s looking great so far – today was the final creative day, with an interview with a Slovakian family, and Gulnaz, who is basically in charge of the Pakistan Advice Centre. I’ve interviewed people who’ve lived in the area since the 1930’s to people who moved in a month before I met them – hopefully it’ll help people understand each other a bit more, and stimulate a bit of discussion.

Here’s one of my favourite images, looking out on Willoughby Street from Shaun’s house – I’ll put more up here, with maybe a couple of stories in the next few days.

Willoughby St

Willoughby St