Page Hall :: Inside Out – exhibition opens

So finally the Page Hall :: Inside Out exhibition opened this lunchtime at the Pakistan Advice Centre on the roundabout opposite Fir Vale School.  I was really pleased with how it looked up on the walls, and there were a pleasing number of people from both the local community and the council who came through the space in the hour I was there. Lots of positive comments from people, which is great.

Page Hall’s a very tight little collection of  around ten streets at the bottom of Barnsley Road, near the Northern General Hospital, Fir Vale School and Fir Vale shopping centre.  There are people who’ve lived there for sixty years living alongside others who’ve moved in in the last month. The houses appear uniform and small from the outside, with limited outdoor space, and front doors leading directly onto the street. However, internally, every home is different, and one of the ideas behind the title of this project was to show some of the range of ways that people live.

In the past few years, it was suggested that the whole area be demolished as part of a housing regeneration plan, and there was a massive local outcry at this, which has led to renewed investment in the area, and refurbishment of some of the properties.

I started working in Page Hall in May, and have interviewed and visited around twenty residents for the Inside Out project. I’ve also tried to capture a feel of the area in its architecture and public spaces through regular visits. The interviews reflect both people’s pride in their homes and the community and businesses they’ve built as well as something of the frustrations a lot of people feel at living conditions in the area, and a perceived deterioration of public safety, levels of crime and general anti-social behaviour.

I interviewed a wide range of people, from a lot of different backgrounds, some of whom were recommended to me, others I just bumped into on the streets and they invited me into their homes.

Thanks to everyone who came along today.

Technically, for those who are interested, the images were all shot on either Nikon D3 or D700 cameras, and printed on a Canon i9950 A3+ printer on Brilliant Supreme Matte Paper (from Calumet), and mounted by Pinders in Sheffield, or printed and mounted by OneVision in Coventry.

Here’s some pictures of the opening including me in a flowery shirt with Councillor Bob McCann (click on the picture for a larger version in a gallery):

This exhibition and the work associated with it has been completed and funded in partnership with:

Pakistan Advice and Community Association

Page Hall Community Association

Arts Council England

Sheffield City Council

Transform South Yorkshire

creativeplaces Sheffield