Page Hall :: Inside Out – more press coverage and the book!

I’m back in the office after Bangladesh, trying to get back on top of all the emails and things that happened while I was away.  With the wonders of tech, I was able to deal with most of my email while I was away, but I lost a couple of days of email remotely, due to a slight technical glitch, so I’m just coming across them now.

One of the nice things that came in during that couple of days was some coverage of the Page Hall exhibition – it featured on the BBC Sheffield website – here’s the link to the page on the site.

Also, if you’re interested in the book, it’s now available directly from the Blurb website following the link below. It’s 74 colour pages, measures 7″x7″ and is £11 plus postage for a softback version. If you’re interested in bulk orders (over ten copies), it might be worth contacting me directly to see if I can offer you a discount. To order the book, follow the link below, and click on the ‘About Book’ link.

Inside Out book