Random weekend thought :: 2012

I saw 2012 last night.  It is, of course, ‘end-of-the-world-tastic’ with huge rippling landscapes caving in on themselves (over, and over, and over again).

But as our plucky heroes escaped in a barely-airborne plane falling through a chasm for the third (almost identical time), and the people who you predicted would survive three minutes into this did survive 150 minutes later, I was reminded of the immortal bard Sir Bobby D in his epic ‘Brownsville Girl’ singing:

If there’s an original thought out there I could use it right now

Seeing as I’m quoting His Bobness, the song goes on to say

You always said people don’t do what they believe in

They just do what’s most convenient then they repent

And I always said, ‘hang onto to me baby

And let’s hope that the roof stays on’

The whole song is littered with the most glorious thoughts – if you’re not into Dylan, this surely is a most unusual and satisfying place to start (though the rest of the Knocked Out Loaded album is basically tosh). And the benefit of the song is that even as long as it is, you can still listen to it around 15 times instead of watching 2012…