Fabric Lenny exhibition and a cool pic from today

Fabric Lenny (artist and collaborator) is hosting a new exhibition at the Low Space gallery, at Longside Barns Jebb Lane, starting next Friday. There’s going to be a ton of new work, and a book – it’s open to the public on the 5th & 6th December.

At some point soon I’ll post some of our collaborative work, but I was working with Paul from CMedia today, and we put together a possible set of images to promote the event, based around iPhone paintings. This is a rough and ready developed image from the shoot (which is obviously an homage to various of the great and good who have gone before [notably Gjon Mili’s portrait of Picasso], whose feet I am not worthy to… etc) (and to the current Nescafe adverts…):

Painting with light, man

Fun to do, and looks pretty cool!