sheffield :: city of sanctuary movie and Scars project

Sheffield is officially a ‘City of Sanctuary’, a place which welcomes asylum seekers and refugees. The organisation City of Sanctuary, which we’re involved in through Assist and in our local community, has just launched a film about their work. It’s very effective, and tells the stories of a lot of people who we know here in Pitsmoor, as well as explaining something of what it means to be an asylum seeker in the UK at the moment.

This ties in with the work I did last year for the Department of Transcultural Writing at the University of Lancaster, ‘Regarding War’, which focussed on five individuals who were either in Sheffield because of war in their own countries, or were actively campaigning to end war and injustice because of their connections around the world. If you’re interested in theses stories, do have a look at the ‘Regarding War’ work on my site or on the University of Lancaster’s pages.


Regarding War :: 'J Kan' :: Sheffield


Also featured, halfway through the film (6′ 30″), is Poppy, a young girl on the Manor estate in Sheffield, with the fantastic Donna Jones, from Sheffield Futures (Sheffield’s youth service). Poppy has welcomed her Karen (Burmese) refugee neighbours into the community, and helped them settle in.  She was featured in my S2legends story last year – a true star.

I’m currently also working with Donna on ‘Scars’, a photography project with young people on the Manor, telling their stories (and those of some of the adults around them) through their scars and how they got them.  That should see the light at some point early next year. It’s great to see Poppy and Donna in this film, linking together two bits of my life and work.


Scars :: Sheffield