count me in (and turn around, touch the ground…)

I’m sure it’s not the done thing, but I thought I’d just mention that today was the day I hit 1000 page views since starting on WordPress – I’m pretty pleased with that, as I only started Look Both Ways about eight weeks ago. I’d been blogging before on, my main site, but this has picked up well, and I’m getting some interest – so hello and thanks for reading (especially if you made it through the posts about bags…)!

Over on the main hansonphoto site, I’ve just passed 2000 page views since I put the obsessively wonderful Google Stats ap onto the site in early October. I love knowing that someone’s been there from Norway and Hong Kong, even if they didn’t stay long! And also, it’s highlighted some of the oddities of Google and how it works. For instance, on my personal pages, I’ve got a section called Play – just some slightly quirky images that don’t fit anywhere else. I’d given each of the pages on my personal space different titles, just messing around really, and Play is titled ‘Turn around touch the ground…’ (‘bagsy not me’ being how that finishes – probably a very English playground memory!).

Well, I spotted a few people coming through to my site searching for Turn Around Touch the Ground, and did the search myself, and discovered that at that point I was number one on Google for the phrase. Which probably ain’t too much use if you’re looking for origins or meanings, as there’s nothing about it on my site, but it’s pretty funny! I’ll have to work on this somehow (if I can think of a practical application for it, anyway).

So, if you’ve landed here, looking for Turn Around Touch the Ground, sorry – it wasn’t meant to be this way. But you’re very welcome, and you may as well have a poke around now you’re here. There’s a lot of stuff to look at on my site! And if you are looking for what it means, some of it’s here. It’s also a song lyric – you can work out where to find that…