random weekend thought :: sad mac and an einstein quote

[update Feb 2012] Rather randomly, by quoting Einstein, this has become far and away my most popular post – so if you’ve come here looking for Einstein and his Logic vs Imagination quote, welcome to you, and hope you enjoy visiting this blog.  If you’re at all interested in photography as well (which I quite understand you might not be), feel free to visit my editorial website hansonphoto.co.uk, where there’s no Einstein, but images from around the world, including my recent exhibition on post-earthquake Haiti, and much more. Now back to the original post… [update ends]

Well, after a rather heavy week of editing (when I did the back-up on Thursday, it was 220GB of changed data just that day… Tiffs from Bangladesh plus five shoots for Jody, plus some more), I came down to a sad and dead big Mac (early 2008 dual quad, that I only bought in Jan this year since you ask – you did ask, didn’t you?). Not good. And not the hard drive. So it’s going in tomorrow for some surgery (hopefully quick). Because of that, I’ve not got a lot of energy for profound random thoughts, but share instead, two random quotes that I saw on jobs over the weekend.

One thought is someone else’s profound: Einstein, on the wall at Sheffield’s Graves Art Gallery from yesterday’s shoot for Museums Sheffield (mainly not of words on walls…):

Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere :: Einstein

The other was more prosaic, but sort of sums up what happened the next morning – this is from the Fabric Lenny book launch at Jebb Lane on Friday night. There’ll be a gallery of images (all shot with the Lumedyne Ring Flash – which I’m loving more and more) to follow once I have a minute sometime this  week…

Power Off :: Are you sure?