sad mac redeemed…

A week ago my early-2008 MacPro died out of the blue. Just a gentle whirring and few lights, but nothing actually happening. I took it in to the good people of the Apple Store here in Sheffield at Meadowhall, and they hummed and hawed a bit, and ordered a new graphics card and logic board. On Wednesday, it became clear that it wasn’t either of those. So they ordered a new PSU, and on Friday that didn’t work either.

As anyone will tell you, Macs aren’t cheap. Especially Mac Pros. And the question is always ‘is it worth the money?’.  This is a pretty vital piece of kit for me, and I’d made that point to the business people at the Apple shop (who sold me the machine, and are actually exceptionally helpful). And so after trying all these options, they called me on Friday and offered a completely new, upgraded (latest 8-core 2.26GHz 6GB RAM) machine, with all my data transferred onto it.

And that’s really the point for me – I may have paid more (perhaps) than for a PC at similar specs. But the fact that I have a relationship with a real person in a real store, who I can talk to, moan at if there’s a problem, and get a proper, professional response from, in pretty quick time, is wonderful (and hard to put a price on) for someone like me who does all their own IT support and relies so heavily on computing power actually working.

It’s not about how pretty it looks (though I do like a bit of pretty kit if I’m offered it), but about being able to carry on working as quickly and reliably as possible. Obviously the machine shouldn’t have stopped working – but computers, all brands, do sometimes. This was a great response in the circumstances, so thanks to Apple Business at Meadowhall.