Behind the page :: 6 million + in the TES

I revisited the holocaust memorial art installation ‘6 million +’ at Ripon Cathedral last week for the TES (Times Educational Supplement), together with some pupils from Ripon’s Cathedral CE Primary School. The pupils were great, and the picture made the middle page spread in this week’s TES (see below). The installation is made up of over six million donated buttons to remember those killed during the holocaust and subsequent genocides.  

6 million + :: Ripon Cathedral

I was really pleased – I’d felt this artwork was strong enough to hold a page as a big picture, so seeing it used like this is fantastic. Thanks to all the people who offered help on this.

Technically, there’s a mix of lighting going on here – off to the left of the picture is a Lumedyne head firing left to right. There’s the Nikon SB800 speedlight on slave mode in the foreground, lighting the girls, and behind the pillar on the right is another speedlight very high up lighting the boy looking up at the pillar of buttons, triggered by a Pocket Wizard.  The lights are in there to provide a bit of punch to the image, as the newsprint sucks out detail, and can leave things looking pretty flat. But the balance of the picture is ambient light in the Cathedral – half a second at f8, on 400 iso equivalent.

The previous week I had a challenging assignment from the TES, on a piece of research at Bolton School on lying.  One of those ones where it’s very tricky to communicate visually, but the pupils and staff at the school were very engaged with the ideas I was working on, and gave me a lot of energy in trying to make it work.  It was used as below, with the caption ‘Something to hide?’:

Bolton School :: Lying research

This is lit with a Lumedyne head with a 60cm square softbox on the teacher, and a snooted (Honl) SB800 on the pupil in the foreground, to give two very controlled patches of light, again both triggered by Pocket Wizards.