random weekend pictures :: Lantern Theatre

There’s been no random weekend thoughts so far this year, for no apparent reason (except maybe that the news has felt a bit serious for random thoughts…).  So here, instead of a random thought, are a few pictures from the surroundings of the Lantern Theartre in Sheffield where I helped Rii on her film a couple of weeks ago.  Whenever I’m out on a job, I’m always looking for things that tie into my personal projects (particularly ‘Count‘ which is moving on apace – if you’ve not visited recently, I’m nearly up to 40 without a break, and well on the way to the complete hundred that will probably mark the end of the project, with maybe a Blurb book produced at the end). The Lantern is such a wonderful building for interesting details, so here’s a gallery of images from around the building, and where you might find them on my main website (including some that don’t really fit anywhere, but were just fun or interesting).

All photos copyright: Richard Hanson