Look at this! And this!

This is probably more a Twitter thing, but I don’t really do that, so here are a few interesting links that I’ve been looking at in the last couple of days:

Burn Magazine – online ’emerging photography’ magazine curated by Magnum legend David Alan Harvey – spent far too long on here yesterday when I should have been working, loads of great stories, mainly ‘quiet’, not hard news, but thought provoking, intelligent and generally new photography. Can’t recommend it highly enough…

Queen’s Palace, Kabul – John D McHugh’s multi-media essay on the Queen’s Palace in Kabul. Simple, beautiful, well done.

Pictory Magazine – almost the opposite of Burn – generally amateur, single shots. Not all great, but there’s enough good stuff in there to make it interesting.

Foto8 – which I’ve mentioned before, but which continues to put out interesting and challenging photography. Always worth a look.

And (a late addition) – Martin Wilson‘s beautiful, obsessive and incredibly thought out photo sequences have little echoes of things I’ve approached (like count on my site), but taken to a different level of focus and planning!

And there’s been a couple of things about street photography on the web recently: one is Paul Treacy’s stuff on the BBC website, and there was a nice feature in last Sunday’s Observer here too.

Time to go back to work…