Behind the page :: pics in use

In the end, it’s all about having your pictures used.  Well, that’s not quite true (there’s obviously slightly more to life than that…), but when you’re working for clients, it is pretty great to see your pics get used in interesting and imaginative ways.  I’ve been shooting for a lot of different clients over the past couple of months, and here are three examples of creative and (professionally) pleasing uses of my images.

The first was at Sheffield Children’s Hospital – I’ve got quite a stake here, as we have some family history here, and I think they’ve got wonderful staff (though the building remains one of the hardest to find your way around that I’ve ever spent much time in).  I did a shoot for promotional images for the Children’s Hospital Charity earlier this year, and while I was at Weston Park Museum (for Museums Sheffield, another great client), I saw this as I was walking back to my car:

Always nice to see your picture 20 feet high on the side of a building (even if it is covering some rather horrible scaffolding…).

I’ve been working with Oak Hill College in London for around fifteen years, mainly on their prospectus shoots, with designer Simon Jenkins (no, not that one…).  Their new prospectus has the strongest cover I’ve seen from them, really simple and clean:

And finally, when something runs in a national paper, it’s always good.  And if it’s from overseas, even better.  So it was excellent to have a couple of pages in this week’s TES (Times Educational Supplement) on education in Haiti:

There’s a lot of other interesting things to come – the Scars exhibition is on its way – opening on 11 October this year at the Workstation here in Sheffield. I’ll have invites up online before I go on my hols (very soon now…),  and there are a couple of other things that are in the pipeline that could be very exciting.  I’ll post them here…