‘Scars’ – sneak preview

So, the Scars exhibition is on the wall!  One new ladder, two laser gizmos, about 2 1/2 miles of fishing wire, and a lot of curious passers by.  And it looks great.  I’ve had these images slowly building up over 18 months, and designed all the layouts on screen, but seeing it all appear on real walls in a real place in 3D (well, nearly), is wonderful – it all fitted, and it fills the space in the way that I hoped it would.  One panel missing (my fault), so there’s a little to do this weekend, and one print fell off today while I was adjusting heights (but only a dinged corner…).  Thanks to my dad, who spent the whole day hanging this with me yesterday, and without whom I’d still be fighting my way through a nightmare nest of fishing wire…

The opening night is Monday 11 October 2010 – 6 to 7.30 – welcome!  The exhibition is in the Workstation, which is attached to the Showroom Cinema, and the entrance is opposite the Hubs (now Sheffield Hallam University’s Student Union building, formerly the National Museum of Popular Music).

And here’s a sneak preview – I’ll try to get a youtube video of the hanging up in the next little while too:

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