aka Fabric Lenny

Lots to say, and a big gap between posts again.  But to start this week, a mention of Saturday working with artist Fabric Lenny in his installation in Barnsley.  Fabric (Mr Lenny?) is based in an empty shop unit round the corner from Carphone Warehouse in Barnsley centre, creating a winter exhibit. I’ll post pics of the finished installation next week (back there on Tuesday to see how it looks), but I’ve been involved with documenting the project and shooting some rather fun (and interesting) portraits in the Mall shopping centre, which Fabric Lenny will, by the magic of art, bring alive – I’ll post links to those as they appear in the next day or two.  But just worth saying a big thank you to the staff at the Mall, who were very welcoming and joined in with a huge amount of energy…

Fabric’s Flickr feed is here

Earlier portraits in this series are here (wonder who ‘Threads’ is…?)

First portrait:

Barnsley rabbit portrait 1

Second portrait:

Fabric Lenny in Barnsley :: 2

Third portrait:

Fabric Lenny Barnsley :: portrait 3

The Blog post: