Remembering Haiti’s earthquake

Today is the anniversary of the earthquake that killed over 250000 people in Haiti.  Port au Prince is currently quieter than normal – people are staying at home with their families, or are going to church to remember the people they’ve lost.

There’s been a lot of coverage in international media today obviously – the Daily Mirror have run an article which mentions three Tearfund beneficiaries (we worked with them on Sunday and Monday this week).  And Tearfund have a number of resources on their website commemorating the anniversary including a slide show of stills showing some of the work Tearfund has done in the past year supporting the people of Haiti. About half the pictures are from my visits in March and July, the rest by Warren Allott, who was out here in November with Tearfund.

There’s also a very thoughtful piece by Matthew Price from the BBC, who’s been covering the whole situation here over the past year.  He covers a lot of the problems that all sectors of society are facing in helping rebuild Haiti – the government, UN and NGOs. Worth reading.

And in a very similar project to our ‘Favourite Things’, Plan and photojournalist Natasha Fillion gave cameras to children in November, and have an online gallery on the Guardian website.  Interesting to compare and contrast with the Tearfund one…