And a book launch too… [repost]

Originally posted19.08.09

And finally for today, there was a book launch yesterday at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery. I’d done a session with the Museums Sheffield youth forum, about architectural photography, along with the University of Sheffield’s school of architecture back in February. We went for a walk through the city, looking at light, public space and how the buildings interact. The youth forum members were shooting on little compacts, but came up with some stunning images, so instead of them just disappearing, we decided to produce a book showing the route and showcasing the images. The work really captured a bit of Sheffield – the whole city’s changing at the moment, so its a really important thing to be doing right now.
I designed and printed the book using the wonderful Blurb software and printing service ( and the launch was in the newly refurbished youth forum space for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I’m putting some images from the book at the bottom of this post. If you’re interested in seeing & buying a copy of the book, it should be available in the museum bookshop at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery shortly.

Cover image:

Double page spread:

Winter Gardens:





Book launch images to follow.