‘Me and Pictures’ project [repost]

[Originally posted 22.01.09]

The last two months have been enormously busy with a bigvoicemedia project called ‘me and pictures’. I’ve been working with Paul and Yvonne (also from CMedia) and a number of other artists, with young people (13-18) from Bradford, Huddersfield and Sheffield, using photography to look at identity. I’ve delivered photography training, looking particularly at lighting and composition, using makeshift studios in each of the settings. The young people have then worked at producing images that represent something of who they are, using text, creative lighting and objects that have importance to them.

We’ve talked with each of the groups about how they’re viewed by adults and in the media – the general consensus is rather depressing, with a sense of suspicion of any group of young people ranging as far as outright hostility at times. The images we’ve created will hopefully go some small way to address these attitudes – they are full of energy, beauty, thought and creativity. I’ve been blown away by the range of ideas that the young people have come up with, and the level of technical and thoughtful creativity they’ve been able to implement, sometimes in very short periods of time.

The different groups will be having separate exhibitions in their home towns, with the first being in Bradford, at the Studio at Bradford One Gallery, opening on the 12th February for three weeks – this is a fantastic show, with some stunning images, and really worth getting to if you’re anywhere close by.

There will be a website going live very shortly, which I’ll post a link to, and I’ll announce the other exhibitions as they are finalised.

Me and Pictures is funded by Media Box

Outdoor portraits in Bradford.

Workspace/studio – Priestley Theatre, Bradford.



Laurence Batley Theatre workspace/studio, Huddersfield.


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