New website live!

So, finally, my new website is up – it’s still at and my email is now back to normal –

I’m going to post a few screengrabs here, but the simplest thing is just to go and look at it (obviously!).  It’s designed to be a very immersive experience, particularly if you run it full screen – the navigation disappears when you move away from it, with just a simple left or right arrow on screen to navigate, or an X to take you back to the thumbnails.  The site design is a theme from CMD websites, and they’ve been incredibly helpful so far – all running smoothly, once all the DNS bits were in the right place.

I’m very happy to hear your feedback – do post any comments you have.

Home page for

The home page has a constantly changing background image, with navigation to the right.

Page with navigation for

Screen grab for the exhibition pages – upcoming ‘Haiti: beyond the rubble’, showing the submenu and navigation.  Exhibition opens on 1 June 2011 and runs until the 30th June, at Central Hall Westminster, next to Westminster Abbey and opposite the Houses of Parliament.  More on this to follow…

Full page without navigation for

When you move your mouse away from the right, you’re left with a very clean full screen, with left and right arrows as you move around the screen. Or you can just click ‘play slideshow’ and sit back and enjoy the full screen experience!

Information page for

The Info page shows a full page and text down the left.  The screen image on all pages resizes to fit any monitor up to 1920 pixels wide, and seems to be working smoothly on all the machines I’ve tried it on. There’s also, rather wonderfully, a full html site behind the flash one – when you access it on an iPad, it detects that, and shows a full html site. The iPhone, and other mobile devices show a dedicated mobile site – all very impressive.  I’ll put up some screen shots from those later over the weekend.

So, do visit – hope you like what you see!