hansonphoto on iPad and iPhone

One of the great things about the CMD web design service is that as well as the main flash based site (which obviously has problems in terms of compatibility with iOS devices as well as not being totally search engine friendly), there is an automatically generated html site and iPhone site created at the same time.  What’s very clever is that the html site is what appears when you view the site on an iPad, so you’re not stuck with the smaller ‘list’ view that’s used for the iPhone.  It’s a very different experience from the very immersive feel of the main hansonphoto.co.uk website, but it’s a good compromise until an HTML5 compatible site is developed by CMD.

I’d love for there to be more options on the design of the HTML site (basically colour and logo at the moment), but it’s all kept very simple, and seems to work well so far.

iPad and iPhone screenshots:

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