Haiti: Beyond the Rubble exhibition – 3

The organisation I was working for in Haiti is Tearfund, a Christian NGO working with local church and community groups around the world.  They’ve been working with churches and related groups in Haiti for a very long time.  Today’s picture is from a church service in March 2010, about ten weeks after the earthquake.  One of Tearfund’s partner organisations in Haiti runs AFCA camp – prior to the earthquake, it housed a church, a school, sheltered housing for elderly people, and an orphanage.  The night of the earthquake, hundreds of people moved into the compound, setting up a dense tent village, which has become semi-permanent.  The school building and church were damaged during the earthquake, and for the first couple of months, church was held outdoors, under donated tarpaulins.  But Sunday was still a time for dressing properly, reading your bible, and wearing your smartest hat, as well as worshiping together.

Sunday morning church service, AFCA camp, Port au Prince, March 2010.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Richard Hanson :: photographer :: Sheffield