Haiti: Beyond the Rubble exhibition – 21

It was essential to get the economy going again after the earthquake, to help communities get back into self sufficiency, and not start relying on aid.  Two aspects of that issue are being addressed here, at a ‘Cash for Work’ programme in the Lowlands area south of Leogane – getting cash into people’s pockets, and improving the infrastructure.  Tearfund workers had discussed with the village what their needs were.  For trade and access to markets, they wanted to open up a link from their village to the main road between Leogane and Jacmel. Tearfund provided some equipment and pay, and the community worked together to build their road.  These four guys worked beautifully together, in perfect rhythm and very close to each other. For me, at the very end of the trip in July 2010, it was fantastic to be out of the bumper to bumper grinding traffic of Port au Prince, and out into the light and space of the country, and to see something so positive.

Lowlands, July 2010.

The Tearfund photographic exhibition ‘Haiti: Beyond the Rubble’ runs at Central Hall Westminster from 1-30 June 2011.  For further details, please contact me.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Richard Hanson :: photographer  :: Sheffield