Haiti: Beyond the Rubble exhibition – 31

Andy La Martiniere was playing happily with his brothers and sisters when the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince.

His right arm was trapped when a piece of concrete fell from the ceiling and pinned his body to the floor.  Andy’s arm was so badly damaged it had to be amputated.

The family were helped by Tearfund, with a cash grant that went towards their medical expenses. But his father Louison says their needs are still great.

‘We have nothing at all. This time last year he had two arms. Just this morning I stared at him and got really sad.’

Andy La Martiniere, 3, who lost his arm in the earthquake, with his father Louison at Salem Baptist Church, Port au Prince, January 2011.

The Tearfund photographic exhibition ‘Haiti: Beyond the Rubble’ runs at Central Hall Westminster from 1-30 June 2011.  For further details, please contact me.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Richard Hanson :: photographer  :: Sheffield