Haiti: Beyond the Rubble exhibition – 39

Pupils at Cormier Christian School have their last lessons under tarpaulin before moving to their new school.

Headmaster Jonaisson Williams is positive about the future of his school. He knows that, with the new building, more pupils will return to class.

‘Before the earthquake, we had 150 pupils. Since then, we’ve had only 80 pupils. Parents are finding it harder to find the fees and also the routines and we’ve been operating in a smaller space.’

Temporary school, near Tom Gato, January 2011.

The Tearfund photographic exhibition ‘Haiti: Beyond the Rubble’ runs at Central Hall Westminster from 1-30 June 2011.  For further details, please contact me.

Photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Richard Hanson :: photographer  :: Sheffield