exhibition down

‘Haiti: Beyond the Rubble’ closed on Wednesday (a day early, as London was basically shut yesterday, with the pension strikes holding their rally actually at Central Hall Westminster).  But before it closed completely I was able to welcome the Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, who is my MP here in Sheffield. I talked him through the stories behind some of the pictures and a little about the situation in Haiti now. I’m very grateful to both him and his office staff for coming down – much appreciated.

David Blunkett MP at the exhibition

The exhibition seems to have been well received, judging by the comments in the guest book, and feedback from Central Hall staff.  One of the unexpected consequences for me has been the opportunity to see a lot of old friends and colleagues across the span of the exhibition – that’s been a fantastic thing. Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to come and see me, and the exhibition.

People at an exhibition...

An additional bonus – yesterday I had lunch with Tearfund’s Haiti country representative Jean-Claude, who provided huge amounts of support and help while I was in Haiti, and was able to show him the exhibition on the iPad at least – he’d not arrived in the UK in time to get to Central Hall.

Sheffield next…

Richard Hanson :: photographer :: Sheffield