Foto8 Summershow 2011: Shortlist

Summershow 2011: Shortlisted

The wonderful HoSt Gallery (in Honduras Street, London) has announced its shortlist for their summer show – see the slideshow above. It’s very consciously a mixed-bag of images – overall an incredibly beautiful set this year, though probably more pictures of people asleep or in bed than I really feel I need…  There’s a couple of other sets that aren’t as strong as the rest, but the bits that work well for me (and that’s most of it) are fantastic. I particularly like Sarah Lucy Brown’s (sleeping!) portrait near the beginning, immediately followed by Jonathan Browning’s very surreal image of plastic animals on a traffic island…  Both of Annie Collinge’s portraits are very striking, as is Sam Faulkner’s fighter’s face. Eran Gilat’s still life is disturbing and vaguely humorous at the same time, James Morgan’s swimming shot is joyful, and within a wide range of surreal images, Elisa Nogueara Lopez’s animal portraits stand out.

The exhibition runs at the HOST gallery from 9 July to 12 August – well worth a visit.