Not Art book

Well, seeing as we’re doing books, here’s another one:

The book is called ‘Not Art’, which was my response to one of the many questions I was asked while I was working on this project. Is it art? Probably not, but it’s been great fun to do. I’ve been posting my take on the world through Facebook and my phone, just taking pictures of things that interest me, for the last six months or so.  It kind of stopped a bit once the Haiti exhibition was on, as I felt I was throwing enough images at the world ever day, so this seemed like a logical point to make a first book of this material.

There’s two options – the softback one with matt (but ‘standard’ pages) – around £30 or so, and the super-deluxe one, with super-heavyweight uncoated fine art pages, and a wraparound cover. That’s the one I’m getting – around £45 (both plus p&p). Don’t feel you’re under any pressure to buy – but you know you want to… Oh, and it’s published by Blurb. Well, by me, via Blurb.  They do books really well.

If you’ve got any questions about either of the books I’ve posted in the last couple of days, let me know, and I’ll try to help.

Thanks to TiltShiftGen and PSExpress on my iPhone4.

Here’s the blurb from the front page:

Six months of iPhone story-telling. Pictures by  Richard Hanson
Port au Prince, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Liverpool, Miami, Bradford, Birmingham, Osterley, Richmond,  Ripon, Southend, Windemere, Reading, up and down the M1.       Probably other places  too.
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