I’m currently in Sindh province of Pakistan, a bit north of Karachi, looking at the work that’s been done since the flooding of the Indus river a year ago.  We’ve been visiting villagers who had to flee from 8-10 feet of water that flowed over their villages, and seeing how Tearfund have been helping them rebuild their homes and livelihoods since then.  I’m loving being in Pakistan – there’s a great team working for Tearfund here, the heat is hot, but just in a very sweaty sort of a way, and the foods been fantastic. And more importantly, we’ve really seen lives changed and people helped – fantastic. A really positive programme to visit.

The pictures and stories are gradually going up on the Tearfund website (there’s one here and here), and I’ll post a gallery of images once I’ve been back in the UK for a few weeks, and Tearfund have had a chance to use them themselves.  But here, slightly sideways are two images that aren’t really to do with the main story:

Love tractor

My favourite vehicle so far (and there have been some wonderful other options…).

Yesterday we came through Hyderabad, north of Karachi, and while Lynsey was buying more clothes (and very glamorous they are too), I spotted my most visited UK store had set up a local branch:

An app a day...

There’ll be more, but maybe not for a day or two…

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