Vote Now! Photography Book Now People’s Choice finalist

The book of the exhibition (Haiti: Beyond the Rubble) has been selected as one of the finalists in the ‘People’s Choice’ section of PBN (Photography Book Now), run by Blurb books (who I use for all my photo books) and sponsored by HP, Adobe, New Page and various others – very exciting!

For the book to stand any chance of winning, it’ll need your vote – click through on here, and it should give you the chance to say that yes, this is the book you love, and that nothing would please you more than having your vote counted for it… So remember, vote early, vote often (not sure that’ll work…), vote by the 30 August for sure, and sit back and know that you’ve done the right thing…

If the link doesn’t work, or you want to look at other books in the competition, click here, and mine’s in the ‘Documentary’ category.  Thanks

NB you may have to register for Blurb to do this – that’s a bit of a pain, but they do print very good books, and they’ll send you some excellent special offers along the way…

Vote! Vote! Vote!

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield