Will Self at SHU

In amongst all the exhibition stuff that’s been going on recently, there’s been a lot of ‘real’ work happening too…  One of the things I love about my job is that I occasionally get to meet some very interesting people (even if its only for a minute or two). Last week I photographed the author and broadcaster Will Self for Sheffield Hallam University and Off the Shelf, the Sheffield festival of all things book-like.  And he was great to photograph, even in the very limited time I had.

For the technically interested: just one light, a large soft box on a Lumedyne head, with a pillar in the background to give a bit of shape to the light behind him, shot on a longish lens (70-200 at 110 if you want to know…).  This is it:

Will Self for SHU and OTS


As always, copyright in the image remains with Richard Hanson – no reproduction allowed without written permission.


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