You’re not Alone exhibition teaser

For most of September, I was photographing in The Children’s Hospital here in Sheffield, in collaboration with fellow Sheffield photographers Andy Brown and Shaun Bloodworth and the Children’s Hospital Charity.  The exhibition of images we produced opens on Thursday evening in the Long Gallery, part of the hospital.

We all focussed on different parts of the life of the hospital: Andy on patients, Shaun on parents, and I photographed twenty staff members working. It was amazing to be able to spend so long working in one location, and I think it’s fair to say we’re all very excited about the work that we’ve produced…

I interviewed each of the people I photographed, and produced a series of short films about them, which I’ll start posting on Friday, with some of the exhibition images too, over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser shot of the corridor to whet your appetite:

The Long Gallery at TCH

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