Bill Burleigh :: You’re not Alone video

And the final in the sequence of ‘You’re not Alone’ posts for today features hospital chaplain Bill Burleigh.  Bill and his team spends their time out on the wards, talking, listening and praying with parents – he says some very interesting things about how ‘religious’ or not parents are when they’re in the hospital.

Like so many of the people who I spent time with on this project, one of the most striking things about being with Bill (apart from his very obvious dedication to and care for the people he was meeting with) was his movement through the hospital – everyone’s on the go, and covering some distance.  The videos are partly a response to that, an attempt to communicate the mobility of staff at the hospital.

Bill Burleigh :: Hospital Chaplain :: You're not Alone

Here’s Bill’s interview (and on the Children’s Hospital website):


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