Carol Shepherd – You’re not Alone video

The next video in the series of interviews I did as part of the ‘You’re not Alone’ exhibition,  with the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield is with Carol Shepherd, who is Switchboard Supervisor for the hospital.

Carol and her team work in a tiny cupboard of a room just next to the A&E entrance, and deal with an incredibly wide range of enquiries, as you’ll hear in the interview. It was the space I was most worried about photographically in the whole project – the space looked so small when I walked in that I couldn’t see how I could make it work as part of the story.  It turned out to be a wonderful place to spend an hour or two – there was a constant stream of people in and out, some with serious issues, others just passing through and having a quick chat in quiet moments.

The importance of the team – in getting the right people in touch with each other, as well as creating the first impression callers have of the hospital – is echoed across this whole project, where the obvious roles (nurses and doctors for instance) are only effective with the help of a huge, mainly hidden, group of dedicated staff.

Carol Shepherd :: Switchboard Supervisor :: You're not Alone

And here’s the video (also available on the Children’s Hospital site here):

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