Ivory Coast wall

A long long time ago I became (slightly) intrigued by closed public toilets and their architecture. Nothing serious you understand, just one of those things that sits at the back of your head until you can’t help noticing bits of toilet related stuff everywhere you go.

That vague interest was then collected on my website into the pages of ‘pissed off‘, a subsection of personal work featuring toilet architecture. It makes me smile a little. Sorry.

Anyway, the good news is that you can do something useful with this information and twin your toilet with one in a poorer part of the world, through the wonderfully named ‘Toilet Twinning‘ – that looks like this (from a recent visit to the South of England…):

Toilet Twinning

What sparked me into writing about this now, is that I’m just back from Ivory Coast, and although I have no new toilets to offer (apart from this one at CDG in Paris on the way back – just a great scale of signage really…),

CDG :: pissed off

I did find this wall, which seemed to work within the theme too:

Ivory Coast wall

That’s it…


richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield