Sean Marven :: You’re not Alone video

While there’s a new exhibition going on up in Hawes, the ‘You’re not Alone’ exhibition continues at the Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.

This week’s video post from the exhibition features Sean Marven, a consultant paediatric surgeon at the hospital. I had the privilege of spending a whole operation with Sean and his team, in theatre for around three hours.  I found it a profoundly moving experience, and very thought provoking – I talked about it for days afterwards. From personal experience, I know how much you have to surrender to the skill of the surgeon when your child is in theatre, but to be able to watch the quiet patience and skill involved across the whole team was remarkable.

Sean talks very eloquently about his work, and is another of those people who’ve spent a lot or all of their careers at Sheffield – the warmth he feels for the hospital and what it does (and has enabled him to do) comes through very clearly in this interview.

A huge thank you to everyone who allowed me to be in theatre for this operation.

Sean Marven :: consultant paediatric surgeon :: you're not alone

Here’s Sean’s interview (and on the Children’s Hospital website):

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield