154 in the market

As previously mentioned, I spent Friday with @dmallaghan (or ‘Dan’ in human) at Barnsley (#barnsley) market for the 154 Collective. We’re a collective of eight artists, a loose affiliation of creative friends working in collaboration on this project initially, but with more to come if it all goes well – the place to find out more 154 Collective stuff is right here. The project is about the link is between Barnsley and Newham, which have 154 miles between their town halls. We’re all busy working on material and stories that will be exhibited from June 2nd in the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley, and Dan and I were gathering interviews and pictures of Barnsley-ites, some of which will be featured on the walls of the gallery (but with a 154 twist…).

I also took lots of pictures of numbers, a la ‘Count‘ on my website – with the aim of re-creating and extending that work in the next four weeks, in locations between here and there, gathering all the numbers between 1 and 154 along the way (in as many different forms as possible – someone once suggested I just walk along a street and take each house number in turn, which would achieve a goal. But not this one). The numbers will appear later, unless I find any particularly spectacular ones, but there’s a good chance they’ll be in the final show.

Here’s a portrait of Dan in the style we’re probably going to be using:

Dan M :: test shot

And here’s a couple of shots of Dan at work on our market stand today:


Dan wielding his Android...

Much, much more to come about this…

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield