154 exhibition – nearly there

I’ve been working on a revised (and still as yet incomplete) re-working of my ‘Count‘ series of images for the new 154 Collective exhibition which opens in at the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley this Saturday.

154 is the direct distance between the town halls in Barnsley and Newham, one of the Olmpic host boroughs in London, hence the name…  The poster (below, or get your own copy here) has been out for a couple of weeks now, and is absolutely beautiful:

The launch is on Saturday this week – see the link here – and I’m really excited to see it – I’ve been working with Dan mainly on stories and portraits in Barnsley and Newham.

The aim with the count series has been to do an exclusive set of 154 found numbers during my journey from Barnsley to Newham and back (which has included interesting diversions to Manchester, Birmingham, Niger and Zurich, as well as, obviously, Sheffield).  I’ve not quite managed – I’m around 2/3 of the way there, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to complete the set during the photography workshop I’m running on 30 June at the Gallery – feel free to come along and be part of it…

While working through the numbers, I came across this:

The Magic Number

Which I rather liked…  There’s a few new numbers on my ‘Count’ pages too (which is the original – zero to one hundred in found numbers…), so if you’ve got a minute, that’s worth checking out.

But come along to the exhibition – it’ll be absolutely amazing, full of surprises and things to make you go ooooh…

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