Rachel Staden :: You’re not Alone video

This is the second to last of the main set of stories from the exhibition ‘You’re not Alone’ which is continuing in the Long Gallery at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

This week’s photo and video interview features Rebecca Staden, from the wonderful Children’s Hospital Charity. The Charity raises money beyond the standard NHS trust funding that the hospital receives, and uses it to improve the quality of the environment in the hospital through art and hospital clowns, events and generally making people feel good… The day I followed them, the charity staff were visiting all the wards and other parts of the hospital that they’ve got specific funding allocated for, and reminding staff there that the money was available (as well as sharing a few donated treats, which went down rather well…). To donate to the work of the Charity, click here.

Rebecca Staden :: You’re not Alone

Here’s Rachel’s interview (and on the Children’s Hospital website):

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