New ‘count’ and ‘pissed off’ images added

More fiddling around on the way back from Stocksbridge and other outings this week in Sheffield gives a couple more images for my long-running series of personal ‘found’ pictures. ‘Count‘ (could it have been the inspiration for the countdown to the Olympic opening ceremony from the wonderful Danny Boyle last week? Probably not… But I was there first!) is now only ten or eleven numbers short of the hundred, and I’m sure it’ll be a relief to everyone once its done (certainly will be to me…).  There’ll be a Blurb book once it is finished.  It’ll fly off the shelves…

And the ongoing series of odd public toilet architecture (often copied, never bettered) ‘Pissed Off‘ (or my alternative title ‘This toilet is electric’ inspired by a cafe in Richmond, N Yorkshire) has two additional entries from Stocksbridge and near Penistone, both in north Sheffield.

If you’ve got a funky public toilet near you (particularly if its closed) and you think I should come and take a picture, you can always let me know (which sounds like an invitation for a very strange selection of comments on this post – none of that now, please).

Count to thirty three :: Walkley

The Lidl loo :: Stocksbridge

On the road to Penistone

Its the time of year that these kind of pictures get taken, so inevitably, there’ll be more…


Next day… And there are more. Here’s one from Walkley I drove past this morning. Amazing the work that went into building toilets in the past:

Walkley :: hole in a wall

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield