New look

This blog has been around for a while, and has, at least in its own terms, been pretty succesful – nearly 24000 views so far.  Anyone who’s ever been here before will notice that this is a totally new look from right now – instead of the very linear previous appearance, I’ve chosen a theme called ‘Triton Lite’ from, which is very fluid, and displays a grid of posts rather than one big one.

My initial impressions, having fiddled around with it for an hour this afternoon, are that it’s very clean , with a lot of information condensed into it, and will display pictures beautifully.  I might change again after the summer, but I’ll let this sit for a week or three to see how I get on with it. Any comments would be great of course.

Here’s an old picture to test the new look:

Welcome to Southern Sudan :: photo: Richard Hanson/MAF

There’s a couple of other tweaks, for those who are interested in this sort of thing.  I’ve taken most of the sharing tools out of the end of post listing and put them into a ‘more’ button. I’ve simplified the archive into a drop down list, while increasing the ease of finding the search box (bottom of each page). And I’ve added in my twitter feed in a widget – we’ll see how that goes, but hopefully it’ll link some parts of my online life together a little more.
richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield