Niger video

I don’t often appear in front of the camera but during my recent Tearfund trip to Niger with Mark Lang, we filmed a video diary every evening, just thinking back on the day we’d just had and the people we met.  Mark’s now made that into a video on the Tearfund website and here – it actually sums up the trip pretty well, so if you’ve got five minutes and you’re interested in what’s going in in Niger at the moment, do watch it. And maybe give something to Tearfund too…

Niger 2012 :: photo Richard Hanson/Tearfund


Queuing for grain distribution, Issakitchi, near Doutchi, Dosso province, Niger, April 2012 :: photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

Binta, whose story I mention in my video piece above, is also the subject of one of Mark’s films from Niger, which is here:

Binta and family, Kairwa Ganwo, Dosso, Niger :: photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

There’s also a story about Manno Gayya and the male exodus from Nigerian villages on the Tearfund website if you click through on the image below:

Manno Gayya with his family outside his house, Mailo, Niger :: photo: Richard Hanson/Tearfund

There’s also the main appeal video, which is based on our trip to Niger in April 2012:

Karima’s story is here:

Severely malnourished 9 month old Karima with her parents who walked for two days to get her to the government health centre at Soukoukoutan village, Dosso Province, Niger

And there’s a video gallery of images from Niger here too:

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield