Greenbelt 2012

What’s the last thing you’re going to do at Greenbelt 2012? Assuming that is, that you’re going… (if you have no idea what this is about, have a look at the website here).  Here’s a couple of quotes describing it:

Greenbelt is an arts, faith and justice festival with a long and rich history. We’ll be 40 years old in 2013. That’s 40 consecutive festivals. Without a break.

The festival we put on is all-age and multi-disciplinary in its programming. Our roots in the Christian tradition, and our approach is inclusive and wide-reaching. Greenbelt is a festival like no other – both in terms of the breadth and depth of its content and also its vibe.


Greenbelt is …

Engaged with culture, inspired by the arts, sustained by faith, we aspire to be an open, generous community.

“Greenbelt ranks alongside Glastonbury as my favourite festival gig of the summer.”
— Mark Thomas

And another:

More than just a gathering of 20,000 people on the grounds of Cheltenham Racecourse. More than the best in performance and thinking. Greenbelt is a place where we can gather to start that journey towards a better way of living.

One option for your final act before a shower and three days of drying out your tent is to come and hear me talk – I’ll be part of the ‘Small Talk’ programme and have a slot around 4.50pm on Monday – plenty of time to pack up the car, grab a deep fried lump of something from a food stall and settle in for ten minutes of stimulation… Actually, there’ll be five panelists, all talking for ten minutes each. Haven’t got a venue or weblink yet, but will post them when they come. The talks are meant to be pithy, thought provoking and short (in the style of TED talks) – my title is ‘Reporting Paradise Lost: local voices in a digital age’. So basically the entire changing media world we live in. In ten minutes. Should be great…

Previous Greenbelts have included:

But not really…

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Arty bikes from 2008

A way to spend your weekend…


More to follow…

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield