A little muddy :: GB12

Back from Greenbelt 2012, which had a lot of great moments, but will be forever lodged in the minds of anyone who was there with Saturday afternoon’s monster storms. [this has all been slightly edited from the original post for clarity]

For me, other things that remain:

speaking at the GTV ‘small talk, big ideas’ session on Monday afternoon dominated rather more of my thinking than I’d planned (I’ll put up a post soon with links to some of my source material for the talk)

seeing my son holding forth with Peter Tatchell in front of a crowd of a few hundred people in the main Grandstand at Cheltenham racecourse

sitting with my daughter listening to beautiful music in the Performance cafe

all four of us walking together late at night back to the tent

seeing one of my sisters for longer than we normally do (and keeping her awake with late night discussions – sorry…)

an early BBC Radio Sheffield with Huw on a stunning post-storm Sunday morning [EDIT – if you’re UK-based, interested and it’s not yet past the 2 September 2012, click here and go to 1:11:00 to hear our six minutes of fame]

seeing a lot of old friends doing interesting and creative things in unusual ways and places

finding other freelancers experiencing the realities of austerity in our own personal economies

being gently encouraged about where we as a family are, and how we’re doing it. And where our faith sits in all that, as we look for better ways forward.

Enough – here’s some pics:

How GB12 felt on Saturday

Early on a Sunday morning with Huw, in search of coffee and papers

It all got a bit slimy

Pizza, bikes, the Big Top (oh and a bit of mud)

Isaac making his point to Peter Tatchell in front of the Cheltenham grandstand :: a very proud moment

Jess up to her knees in the mud :: the most stylish wellies on site

Jess and Isaac exploring strange corners late in the evening

A little more mud

Time to go

richard hanson :: photographer :: sheffield