Small Strange Shropshire Sheds

Every holiday should have a photographic theme.  We’ve just been camping in Little Stretton in Shropshire, and there were a lot of small, strange sheds around. Hence this:

The start… Lost on the golf course above Church Stretton…

I just want to know who keeps what in here that needs this signage :: Ludlow

Not a million miles from Church Stretton

Sheds in the woods…

More a shed roof than a shed. Near a very nice village called Cardington, where the pub was shut.

Shed in a field (this is the sort of caption information that makes a picture like this so valuable…)

Possibly not quite in Shropshire. Somewhere between Craven Arms (a whole town named after a pub) and Wales.

Miaow Villa. Nice. Little Stretton.

Goal shed sheep. Little Stretton.

Not a shed? But works for my ‘pissed off’ pages on :: the man running the cafe in the layby wasn’t very sure what I was up to on this one…

And that’s quite enough personal pics for now – I’m back at work again…

As ever, all pictures copyright Richard Hanson and no use is allowed without permission.

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